Thursday, May 07, 2009

Last Laugh

Arnold Schwarzenegger succeeded Gray Davis as governor of California after a recall election, against Davis, in 2003. Schwarzenegger's approval rating right now is inverse to his approval rating when he came into office. (33% approval, 55% disapproval).
Gray Davis only lasted 10 months into his 2nd term. No one has seriously talked about recalling Arnold, of course. The citizenry probably realizes the folly of that step.
There are fundamental flaws in how California is governed, caps on income, but none on expenses, minority control of the legislative budget process, the majority party is funded by state unions (which have made being a prison guard a very lucrative job). And we keep electing actors to various state positions.
Conditions have worsened since various angry-mob reactions to government were passed, starting (of course) with Prop. 13, term limits and the recall. Thoughtful, deliberative democracy (the one that lives only in my imagination) isn't really on the agenda.
Being an elected official in Sacramento is an act of self-aggrandizement rather than one of leadership.
Gray Davis is now an 'of counsel' at an LA law firm and will be the keynote speaker at his alma mater's (Columbia) graduation ceremony this year.

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