Saturday, May 02, 2009

Marathon Man

I've signed up with Team in Training to run the CowTown Marathon on October 4th.

Some Background.

I've never been much of a runner. But a little over 10 years ago I started a regular jogging routine to try and get back into shape. I also joined Weight Watchers. I was fairly successful, dropping 30 lbs and getting closer to my target weight. But two years ago I developed plantar fasciitis and am well on my way back up.

One of the things that was helpful when I was trying to lose weight was to involve my friends by posting my progress.

These days I have lunch every Friday with a friend who has run marathons for years. He started later in life (i.e., isn't a punk kid) and got his start by participating in a Team in Training event. That got me thinking about a way I could combine exercise with peerpressure support.

So, a couple of weeks ago I decided to sign up with Team in Training.

I Want Some Good To Come Of It, Besides My Good Health.

Many of you may know that my sister is fighting lung cancer right now. I've seen first hand the day-to-day issues that someone with cancer has to deal with. My sister has been pretty lucky - she has insurance, she has a cadre of friends who help out and her family has been supportive. But, as the saying goes, there are a lot of people who are less fortunate.

Team in Training supports research, which is all well and good, but they also have a support component for patients.

So, Team in Training is going to train me. And you're going to support me, by supporting them. Please click on this link and pledge some money for a good cause. Thanks.

Sorry, was that too subtle?

Please click on this link and pledge some money for a good cause


Anonymous Cell for Cells said...

Lee - Good luck with your marathon training! LLS/TNT is an awesome organization. My wife is a mentor for the Nike Marathon in San Fran this year.

We just launched our TNT fund raising cell phone recycling program. We pay to ship the phones back to our facility, so it is 100% free.

You can get more information and sign up at Recycle Mobile Phones To Help Battle Cancer

6:20 AM  

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