Monday, December 25, 2006

Frances Grimm

Frances Grimm was my grandfather's sister. Her son, Lee, is my namesake. Frances died in the 20s, in her 20s. My great-grandmother took in her kids, Bob, Lee and a sister who moved away and whose name escapes me.

Lee died shortly after WW II, not of war injuries (just for the record, although he served. I used his Army backpack when I was in the scouts. Having just said that, I wonder why we'd have his old backpack.)

The sister moved away from the home town and, while she came to my grandmother's funeral, we've lost touch.

Bob stuck around the old home town. He died 5 or 6 years ago. His widow, Millie, just sent mom this picture.

Great-Grandma was a hoot, btw. Lived on a farm. Shot a rodent that was rooting around the barn when she was well in to her 80s. I got introduced to politics watching the 1968 Democratic convention on TV at her house while the rest of the family was at Cedar Point. Great-Grandma was watching me because I was sick.

Update: The sister's name is Janet Louise, but she goes by Jean.


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