In a nutshell.

HindeNet, LLC designs and creates databases that help you manage your business. We especially like web-enabled databases that let you share the data you want with your customers.

We are based in the Sacramento area, but have served clients all over California and other parts of the country.

With over twenty years experience we're ready and we're here to help.

What Can Hinde.Net Do for you.

  • Listen to information management needs of business, government, education and the non-profit community, and design unique solutions that work.
  • Provide database solutions that work equally well on desktop and mobile systems.
  • Develop tools for data collection, analysis and communication.
  • Help you do what you do, better.

What sort of technologies are you comfortable with. No, really, get your geek on.

What Have We Done For You Lately.

Some Recent Projects:

  • Worked on the infrastructure for an iPhone app published by Live Nation. (No endorsement by Live Nation implied. Your mileage may vary.)
  • Add web interface for in-house time management application.
  • Add web interface for client intake survey to database serving a student counseling center.
  • Engineer results database for wine competitions with Django.
  • Engineer iPod Touch & iPhone web-interface for
  • Develop a jQuery based front-end for a client management system.
  • Provide tools for a research group to gather data.
  • Maintenance work on a 15 year old legacy application for our state government!
  • Polish a web store-front, with a database back-end, for a local screen printer.
  • Help out an education solutions provider with some expertise.
  • Implement a new customer for RecEnroll!


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